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you all need to know,

for me and many others people, the one of worst night in indonesia is when ramadhan is just finished, in the night we leave ramadhan to the syawal (malam takbiran), many of moslems here changed in to a terorist, real terorist i mean.

all of things about fireworks : ‘petasan, mercon, etc’ blew into the air and producing very-very noisy sound, very-very high desible sound, mainly in 6.00pm till next morning, continously without time out!

can you imagine that? living in indonesia in ‘malam takbiran’ was so terrible!

if you have any kind of heart disease, you will realize that you will not live until tommorow here

why moslems has changed? whereas ramadhan teach us of all of kindness, passion, tolerance, and many things!

in the name of Allah, we must praise Allah, with the call : Allahuakbar, Lailahaillallah, Walillahilhamd, praise thou all night long from the deppest heart with sacred condition. but in indonesia, many of moslems praise petasan, mercon, etc all night long, their god has changed in to petasan, mercon, etc. they prefer to terror all people with petasan, mercon than praise Allah.

where do value of ramadhan goes by??


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